Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I am going to issue a disclaimer right now - your heart just might literally explode from the sweetness you might see below. Consider yourself warned! ;)

I first really met Gigi when I photographed her son this past fall for his *almost* four-year-old portraits. She had been a teacher at my sons' school for years but none of them had had her as a teacher so I only knew her in passing before that. When we did Beau's photos she mentioned in passing that she was pregnant...and with a little girl this time around.

Fast forward a few months and I was so thrilled to get an email asking if I'd do her new baby girl's newborn photos. Um, OF COURSE!!! And this was my first meeting of sweet Sadie at just four days new...

Here she is in her Daddy's arms. Would you look how she's holding his hand. I die. Seriously. 

She was just so sweet and snuggly - just a perfect angel through the entire shoot. I did just about anything with her and this is the contented face I got!

There isn't much sweeter than little bitty baby feet.....

...unless of course it's this:Getting smooches from your big brother....(don't say I didn't warn you!)

I could truly share image after image with you...i just wanted to photographer this baby girl forever....

This last image is just a little something I love to do for my newborn parents - it's called "Precious Parts." These wee ones grow so quickly and it's sometimes easy to forget and harder to remember just how tiny and sweet they were....Here's Sadie in all her beautiful newness....

Thank you so much, Gigi & Mike (and Beau, too!) for allowing me to come capture this beautiful new time and new little one in your home!

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