Thursday, June 11, 2015


Early last month I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Higgins Family. 
When they first contacted me, Shannon casually mentioned that they had four daughters ranging in age from 3 to 15. I have to tell you it was all I could do not to squeal because I was over-the-moon excited!! First, I truly adore capturing family images. I love, love, love seeing the interactions between everyone and having a small part in making each one feel special. But beyond that...let's just talk FOUR DAUGHTERS!!! As a mom of three sons, I was practically jumping up and down from the chance to work with several girls at once!

But don't take my word for just how lovely and amazing the Higgins ladies (and dad!) are....these photos tell my story for me!

This is beautiful Kylie. She's the oldest and has such a way with her sisters...not to mention a gorgeous smile!

Beautiful daughter #2, Isabella, was the quietest of this group of young ladies, but my goodness how she just radiates joy!

This sweetie is Molly. Molly is a performer and dancer and she knows how to strike a pose and hit a smile like nobody's business! 

And Baby Girl #4, Miss Jillian. I'm sure you can you tell just by looking that she's a feisty, charming young lady! Her giggle rings out and makes you want to laugh too!

And for me, no family session is complete without at least one photo of Mom + Dad. It's a must. For most parents it's one of their first *formal* portraits with just them since their wedding day! I adore the smiles you get when they really look at each other (not to mention Dad is a bit of a jokester and  was making some funny faces/being silly too!)

Thank you, Higgins family for choosing me to be your family photographer. I truly enjoyed my time with you!

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