Tuesday, June 9, 2015


This sweet young lady is very dear to my heart. She was one of my youngest's first friends in Kindy and they went all the way through 2nd grade together. She was at every birthday party and vice versa. Then came the day she moved. My boy was pretty sad to lose his friend. That is until the day came that HE was redistricted and walking in to his new 5th grade class, there she was again - our Madison! It really helped ease the transition for Carson to a new school and she is a great friend!

How lucky was I that her mom decided she'd like nothing better for Mother's Day than photos of her girl?

Madison has been playing softball for quite a while - her dad is even her coach - so it was only fitting that we did her photos where she is most comfortable - on the ball field.

It might have helped just a little that her mom and I were both giving her a hard time to get these awesome smiles! 

I hope I made the process as painless as possible for you, Madison! I know I had a great time hanging with you! xo

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