Friday, July 24, 2015


Hi, everyone!!

Please meet my beautiful, amazing and mega-talented friend, Beth. I have been blessed to know Beth for more than five years through our mutual involvement in the craft industry and you may know her as a spokesperson for Xyron and Cricut on HSN's 24-hour Craft Day Marathons! 

Beth's  handsome husband is an Army Ranger and that means that they have called many places in our beautiful country home....and just recently that list now includes here in KENTUCKY - which just makes me happy to no end!! 

I was thrilled when Beth emailed saying she was in desperate need of new headshots because it gave me the opportunity to spend some time with her!

And oh, yeah....after a fabulous brunch, we fit the headshots in there, too! 

Thank you so much for hanging with me that day, Beth. I always adore spending time with you and I promise we'll make it a regular event and even include the dogs!! xo, k.

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