Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Meet Mercades, my latest Collins High School 2016 SENIOR!!!

Mercades really wanted something "not typical" for her senior session and we decided an urban setting was just up her alley (no pun intended)! We traveled to downtown Louisville and just walked along Market Street to see where inspiration would take us. It's by far one of my favorite things to do.

One of our first stops was here.  I fell in love with the beautiful iron gate you see behind her and the bright yellow building facade so we had to stop there. What you can't see from here is the beautiful alley that the gate enclosed. We visited there, too, of course!

Across the street from where we were was this cool green warehouse door. I loved the lines and texture of it and thought it contrasted so well with Mercades' black sweater. 
We're still at the warehouse door in this photo but I just have to take a second to mention just how beautiful this girl's eyes are! Simply amazing!

And one more shot on the other side of the iron gate this time. I would want to sit at this little bistro every.single.day. in the fall. I just love this setting so.

Thank you so much, Mercades, for allowing me to capture some beautiful shots of the beautiful girl you are! I hope you have a wonderful senior year!

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