Friday, August 14, 2015


Meet Morgan, my newest 2016 Shelby County High School senior!!

I can't even begin to say enough good things about this sweet, delightful girl but I'll begin with this: her smile absolutely lights up a room! Just look...

See what I mean? She's just got such a joyful, beautiful spirit about her and I truly enjoyed spending our session together! I think she even had a wonderful time despite being nervous initially! She was such a natural in front of the camera.

We played around a bit for her session, trying a little bit of everything! We did a few railroad shots but then we  had a little fun and put her graduation year on the tracks and took a few more. THIS huge smile is a result of her parents giving her a hard time! Makes me grin back every time I look at it!

We even visited the location where her father had his own senior portraits taken and snapped a few there as well! I love that there is that connection through the generations (and didn't her outfit look adorable?!)

I jokingly call these beautiful close-ups "grandma" shots because all the grandparents want these types of photos of their loves - the ones where they can see their beautiful smiles and pretty eyes! (They're often times my favorites, too :))

OH YES! And one more thing about this girl - did I forget to mention what a stellar athlete she is?! She's such a dynamo and the most petite thing but check out how she can palm this soccer ball! GO MORGAN!!

Thank you so much, Morgan, for choosing me to be your senior photographer. It was totally my pleasure and I hope you have the most amazing senior year! ROCK it, ROCKETS!

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