Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Meet Kaitlyn, the absolutely beautiful cheerleading, Governor's School for the Arts-attending, new 2016 Collins High School SENIOR!!!

This girl is just amazing! She's smart, beautiful, funny and such a fun person to be around...and did I mention she's just a natural in front of the camera?!

Lately I've been having fun incorporating their graduation year of "2016" into at least one of their senior images. This brick road was just begging for a little chalk graffiti! 

I can't get enough of urban settings for senior shoots!I absolutely love all the color and architecture to be found! It makes for some really beautiful images!

The below shot was just one of those "happy accidents." I was having Kaitlyn wait a second while I adjusted some settings as we had just moved locations. I took this to check what I had done...and the result was just so beautiful.

Of course no urban location shoot is quite complete until we attempt that middle of the road shot! This is such a quaint area and we rocked it out! And those shoes? To die for!

I adored the whole Snow White meets Taylor Swift vibe that beautiful dress + red shoes delivered so where better to take such a shot than in a garden (inside the urban setting, believe it or not!).

I hope you love your images as much as I do, Kaitlyn! I had such a wonderful time taking them for you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Meet the beautiful Sydney, a stunning National Champion dancer and new 2016 Collins High School SENIOR!!

We decided to do a little dance-inspired portion of Sydney's session and it was so much fun! I LOVE this costume!

Look how gorgeous this girl's smile is! She's such a beautiful young lady!

And this leap?! I die. I asked her to do something "dance-ish" (I'm SO technical!) and she did THIS! What?! I. LOVE. IT!

We finished her session in on of my favorite parks. These beautiful daisies just suit her sunny personality!

This girl definitely knows how to work a camera! The bottom photo we got just as a storm was about to roll in!
Thank you so much for choosing me as your senior photographer, Sydney! I loved my time with you and I hope you enjoy your photos!