Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Meet the lovely Presken family! This amazing family had their session in early October thinking we'd have wonderful weather, but alas, it was cloudy and cold all day long! They were such troopers toughing it out and I think we ended up with some amazing shots from the day!

But this one is hands down my favorite. I would would blow this one up on my wall as big as my husband would let me! 

 We even managed to find a few Black-eyed Susans hanging on to the summer with all their might.

And as much as I love the tall grass in the summer, I think I love it even more in the fall. The golden color is just so pretty!

Thank you, Presken family, for choosing me as your family photographer! I hope you love your images like I do!

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  1. We certainly do love them! We had a great time as well and the location was beautiful.