Thursday, June 25, 2015


Meet Austin, a 2016 Shelby County HS Senior! 

I've known Austin's mom from the time an adorable little scrapbooking shop opened up in my town. With both of us being huge enthusiasts, it gave us an instant bond. I was honored that she wanted me to do her son's senior photos. But it's almost impossible to believe the little boys we had then are this grown up already! 

We spent one evening in downtown Frankfort walking around and finding beautiful spots. Mom Michelle showed me this location - I was thrilled as I hadn't seen it before and it worked perfectly for Austin's laid-back style. 

But then there is THIS side to Austin, too. Love him in the purple. 

And then this location? I couldn't imagine anything better for photos with his cello. He's played since 6th grade and is amazingly talented (and if you look closely you can still see some stickers he used when he was small to help him with his fingerings!)

Austin was insistent he didn't want any fencing or farm background photos but I convinced him to do just a few and I love how they turned out! 

I'm pretty certain, though, that the casual Austin is my favorite!! I love shooting in alleys - they always give the best light and great perspective!

We really had a good time despite the heat and I think Austin would tell you I made it as painless as possible! Thank you for spending the evening hanging out with me and I hope you have an amazing senior year!

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Meet Riley, a Collins High School 2016 senior!! 
I have known this girl's mama since this girl was small. It doesn't seem quite possible that our children have grown up so much, but here it is, already time for Riley's senior photos! I'm so honored that the two of them trusted me to capture this special moment for Riley! And I can't even begin to tell you how fun it was!

First, I knew going into this, that our session wasn't going to be the "ordinary" senior session. Riley is a very talented, artistic, creative girl and she wanted something as unique as she is! I knew immediately I wanted to do something very urban and quirky for her so I scoured locations that had some amazing graffiti! We hit the jackpot with these walls, don't you think?!

I just love these images. Riley really is so beautiful and photogenic...and her eyes are incredible (both blue/green and brown!)

We also spent a bit of time on a parking garage rooftop! It ended up being a perfect location with the city as a backdrop and awesome shade from the buildings in most places but beautiful sun in others! In the shot below we had actually wrapped up shooting here and were waiting for the elevator to go back down to the car. Riley hopped on the column and it was such perfect light, I had to snap a few! It turned into one of my favorites!

Our last stop was the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge. I loved the thought of some fun architecture around for such pretty images. It ended up being a fabulous location especially at sunset!

I love the sunflare on this shot  - I mean, seriously - RAINBOWS! :D

Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your senior year, Riley! I know you're going to do amazing things - you're ALREADY on your way!

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Oh this boy. This little man holds very special place in my heart - not only was he was the first baby I photographed through their first year, but he was my very first repeat client! He has always has such a great smile and been such a joy to photograph, but I have to admit, these new toofers make for some of my favorite smiles yet!

So here's sweet Silas on his (actual) first birthday...

His mama calls this his "squish face." I just call it cute!! He's so proud of his new standing/walking talents!

See what I mean? Just precious!! Being one is so much fun....

...especially when you get to do new things like try a chocolate cupcake!! He wasn't sure what to think about it at first but as you can tell, it didn't take him long! 

SOOOOO proud of himself and such a complete head to toe chocolate covered baby! I won't tell you how long it took to clean him up after this but I promise you he thought it was worth it! (Can't you tell?!)

So thank you, sweet Silas, for such a fun session and thank you to your beautiful mama for trusting me to capture your first year! I hope you have many, many more amazing birthdays!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Early last month I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Higgins Family. 
When they first contacted me, Shannon casually mentioned that they had four daughters ranging in age from 3 to 15. I have to tell you it was all I could do not to squeal because I was over-the-moon excited!! First, I truly adore capturing family images. I love, love, love seeing the interactions between everyone and having a small part in making each one feel special. But beyond that...let's just talk FOUR DAUGHTERS!!! As a mom of three sons, I was practically jumping up and down from the chance to work with several girls at once!

But don't take my word for just how lovely and amazing the Higgins ladies (and dad!) are....these photos tell my story for me!

This is beautiful Kylie. She's the oldest and has such a way with her sisters...not to mention a gorgeous smile!

Beautiful daughter #2, Isabella, was the quietest of this group of young ladies, but my goodness how she just radiates joy!

This sweetie is Molly. Molly is a performer and dancer and she knows how to strike a pose and hit a smile like nobody's business! 

And Baby Girl #4, Miss Jillian. I'm sure you can you tell just by looking that she's a feisty, charming young lady! Her giggle rings out and makes you want to laugh too!

And for me, no family session is complete without at least one photo of Mom + Dad. It's a must. For most parents it's one of their first *formal* portraits with just them since their wedding day! I adore the smiles you get when they really look at each other (not to mention Dad is a bit of a jokester and  was making some funny faces/being silly too!)

Thank you, Higgins family for choosing me to be your family photographer. I truly enjoyed my time with you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I am going to issue a disclaimer right now - your heart just might literally explode from the sweetness you might see below. Consider yourself warned! ;)

I first really met Gigi when I photographed her son this past fall for his *almost* four-year-old portraits. She had been a teacher at my sons' school for years but none of them had had her as a teacher so I only knew her in passing before that. When we did Beau's photos she mentioned in passing that she was pregnant...and with a little girl this time around.

Fast forward a few months and I was so thrilled to get an email asking if I'd do her new baby girl's newborn photos. Um, OF COURSE!!! And this was my first meeting of sweet Sadie at just four days new...

Here she is in her Daddy's arms. Would you look how she's holding his hand. I die. Seriously. 

She was just so sweet and snuggly - just a perfect angel through the entire shoot. I did just about anything with her and this is the contented face I got!

There isn't much sweeter than little bitty baby feet.....

...unless of course it's this:Getting smooches from your big brother....(don't say I didn't warn you!)

I could truly share image after image with you...i just wanted to photographer this baby girl forever....

This last image is just a little something I love to do for my newborn parents - it's called "Precious Parts." These wee ones grow so quickly and it's sometimes easy to forget and harder to remember just how tiny and sweet they were....Here's Sadie in all her beautiful newness....

Thank you so much, Gigi & Mike (and Beau, too!) for allowing me to come capture this beautiful new time and new little one in your home!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


This sweet young lady is very dear to my heart. She was one of my youngest's first friends in Kindy and they went all the way through 2nd grade together. She was at every birthday party and vice versa. Then came the day she moved. My boy was pretty sad to lose his friend. That is until the day came that HE was redistricted and walking in to his new 5th grade class, there she was again - our Madison! It really helped ease the transition for Carson to a new school and she is a great friend!

How lucky was I that her mom decided she'd like nothing better for Mother's Day than photos of her girl?

Madison has been playing softball for quite a while - her dad is even her coach - so it was only fitting that we did her photos where she is most comfortable - on the ball field.

It might have helped just a little that her mom and I were both giving her a hard time to get these awesome smiles! 

I hope I made the process as painless as possible for you, Madison! I know I had a great time hanging with you! xo

Monday, June 8, 2015


I have had the honor of first knowing Reyanna from several scrapbooking websites and then actually meeting her several different times - and always in different locations and states!! It was amazing how many times we were able to make our paths cross! I even had the pleasure of meeting her husband, Jeremy, not long after they were married as they made a huge move from New England down to Texas.

Since then she has had two of the most beautiful children I've ever seen. And I've been crazy to meet them...and if I got to take photos of them, more the better!! We finally got to make that happen in early May as Rey and her beautiful family came this way for a wedding...and I was thrilled!

Aren't they the cutest family?!

I'm not going to lie, these little ones were BUSY so capturing them all together was quite the feat! 

Seriously - look how beautiful these girls are? Miss H's smile melts me (and don't get me started on her eyes!!)

And is the much sweeter than a daddy loving on his little girl? He had Miss H. giggling like crazy!

And my family sessions ALWAYS include a mom + dad shot! We don't get behind a camera often enough and these are the images that are going to be priceless to our children one day! 

And not to be outdone by his big sister, Mister M has gorgeous eyes and smiles for days, too!! So precious!

Thank you so much, Klein family, for making the extra bit of your trip to see me and have some photos done! I had such a ball with you! xo, K

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Today I want to introduce Jesse, an amazing, talented and very handsome Collins High School senior. I have to admit I'm a bit behind posting images from Jesse's senior session, but I think his mom just might be okay with that as we were also a bit last minute making sure this 2015 senior HAD photos for his GRADUATION announcements! 

I absolutely adore photographing seniors. They are so full of hope and fantastic futures and we always have a great time. Jesse was no exception.

I love his style! Bow ties are cool and he rocked it out. The fabulous wood texture was an awesome backdrop for his photos.

Jesse was a high school athlete but he was also heavily involved in his school's pep club, the HYPE TEAM. He wanted that to be a part of his senior photos and so he wore his HYPE TEAM shirt for part of our session.

I love when seniors want to incorporate something fun like that. It makes their photos much more "them" and most always gives them a reason to give me some awesome smiles.

I know Jesse will do amazing things this fall at UK and I wish him only the best (and no 8:00 am classes, right?!). Thank you so much for choosing me to be your senior photographer! It was an honor to be even a small part of your senior year!