Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Oh how I love this sweet little family! Lori (on the right in the below photo) was the main reason my family has our awesome dog, Scout the Wonder Pup! She was his foster mama years ago and since then we have been so grateful to her and her wife, Cristal. It's been an honor getting to know them and share in their joy when their son Dexter joined their family! 

I've been photographing Dexie since he was just 6 months old and in October he was already 18 months! Which meant it was time once again to get a few photos of him and his mamas.

You can't tell by these photos but for the most part, Dexter wasn't having any part of me or my camera or photographs! All smiles are due to his mamas' crazy antics or the random puppy or squirrel that happened by! 

I quite literally this Lori might have been standing on her head for this sweet smile!

I'm so glad we kept on and persevered as these photos are truly priceless!

Thank you, Fox family, for trusting me to capture these images of your special little man! Bring on Birthday #2! 

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