Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Meet Harrison, the handsome, guitar-playing, outgoing, amazing 2016 Shelby County High School senior!
I have to admit that I don't even know where to begin when talking about this young man. I suppose I'll start by saying I've known his beautiful mom socially for many years. We'd always wave and say hello when we would see each other and I had watched as her two beautiful kids grew up. I was so honored when Stephanie chose me to take Harrison's senior photos but thrilled when she filled me in a little bit with the kind of session they were hoping to have.

Harrison is very unique and has such a passion for music. He and his mom really wanted a session that captured that for him so Stephanie suggested we take the photos in a gorgeous part of Louisville, right by (AND IN!!) Harrison's favorite record store. I was hooked from the start and am over-the-moon excited about the images that we captured.

Both in front of and inside the record store...
(The album he's holding is the next one he wanted to get. I love that we could include it!)


This part of Louisville was full of gorgeous architectural details and quirky things. A lot of senior boys "tolerate" senior photos but Harrison really came alive in his favorite place!

And did I mention his style?! He rocked it out.

It was a huge pleasure work with this young man, really getting to know him and his amazing mom! I love that I can now call them friends! Harrison, I know you will achieve great things with your fabulous outlook on life, your stellar personality and winning smile! I will be excited to keep watching and see just what they are!

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