Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Say hi to Beau and Sadie! 
You might remember them from a previous session or two (how I love my return clients!) but my, have they changed!!

When I first photographed the adorable Beau, he wasn't even he's a fiesty five and a half year old who is 110% boy from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes!
But an even bigger difference is in sweet Miss Sadie. She was just a few days old the last time I photographed her and now she's a gorgeous almost one-year-old! I wondered how Beau would adjust to this new addition in his life and I have to say they really adore each other! Just look....

This one became a giant print on their mama's wall! I LOVE that!

But we also had to make sure to do some individual shots too. This creek is a very special place for Beau so it was only fitting to get some photos there. The rain jacket and boots couldn't have been more perfect!

And this is the true impish, impatient Beau face! It cracks me up!

And not to be outdone, here is the sweet Miss Sadie. She wasn't quite walking yet, but she could stand beautifully! I adore that she's on her tippy-toes in the second one!

I could squeeze her all day! 

Thank you so much, Gigi, for making the time on your quick visit for me to capture these images of your precious babies! It's always an honor to work with you and I hope we do it again very soon!

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