Thursday, June 9, 2016

shelby east middle dance team. | december 2015 | {KELLYGOREEPHOTOGRAPHY.} SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER. SHELBYVILLE KENTUCKY.

No. You're totally right! I don't normally do things like this! Generally speaking, the only sports I photograph are my son's football and track/XC events, but I was beyond excited when the dance team coaches from my son's middle school contacted me about taking their photos! A whole GROUP of girls?!! What more could a mom of all boys want?! They wanted to do something special for the girls and I was all about that!

First we did something a bit traditional.
(And can I just say getting 10 beautiful middle school ladies ready for photos is no easy task?! ;))

They were all about spunk and personality! These girls had it in spades!

I adore the "Missiles" painted on the wall of their gym. What? It's at the very TOP of the bleachers and you're only a 5' tall photographer? No worries! We can make that happen! And it just might be my favorite shot!

I had such a great time with this group and I'm so glad their coaches allowed me this opportunity! I hope I get so see some of you again this fall, ladies!

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