Thursday, July 28, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016


Oh this precious little nugget!
Meet Miss Amelia!

Amelia is the granddaughter of a wonderful woman I've known through Scouts for some years. I was beyond thrilled when she thought of me to take these precious photos of her brand-new, first grandchild. Amelia is even more special as she was almost seven weeks early so her "newborn" session was actually right as she turned one month old!

Isn't she perfect and beautiful?

That teddy bear was a gift at one of Mama Carlye's baby showers. It is a "grow with me" bear and documents the first 12 months of the baby's life as she grows. I adore that we got a shot that included this bear because little Amelia was just one month-old!

She's smiling for me! ;)

Amelia's Dad is a Marine. I love how her mama wanted to pay tribute to that in these photos. I think the result was priceless! I hope her daddy liked it too!

Thank you so much, Janet and Carlye and Amelia for allowing me the honor and pleasure of capturing these photos for you. I enjoyed every second of it and if you hadn't been watching so closely, I promise you that sweet baby girl would have found a ride to my house ;)
Many blessings for a wonderful, healthy, happy life!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Meet the beautiful Barby! 

She's the first of my new 2017 SENIORS and she is amazing!
Barby attends Shelby County High School and believe it or not, throws discus! I love that!
She completely rocked out her session and I'm so excited to share a few of the images with you.

We started shooting in downtown Shelbyville. Barby and her mom loved the idea of an urban setting (if you can call our downtown Urban ;)) and they really wanted to have some of our hometown be a part of her photos. We wandered around a bit and had a great time looking for beautiful spots with wonderful light....

I think we found it!

I love that they also brought fun props like umbrellas, balloons, bubbles and even pizza! Yes, PIZZA!


Our next stop was one of my favorite parks to capture a few wildflower and sunset shots. Her beautiful yellow dress was perfect for it!


And let me tell you, this girl is fierce!
I truly see this shot on a billboard! I adore it and all the attitude it possesses!

And the equation for a perfect ending to a fun session?
1 beautiful sunset + 1 gorgeous girl + party balloons = amazing silhouettes! 

Thank you, Barby (and Edy) for choosing me to capture these wonderful moments for you! It was a pleasure! May your senior year be all that you ever dreamed it to be!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Meet the Walls Family!

I first had the privilege of meeting this awesome family when I photographed daughter Raven for her senior portraits last year. She is such a stunning girl, inside and out, and I was so excited when her mom mentioned that she wanted family portraits done as well! We finally made that happen and I am in love with them! 

This beautiful family made my job so easy last night! Aren't they gorgeous?! There's just something so classic about brick + black!

I honestly can't pick a favorite from their session but this might be one if I was forced to do so - I just love all the smiles in this image! 

We had to utilize quite a few sitting poses as little brother broke his ankle the day or so before our session! Yikes! But he was a real trouper and he made it really hard to notice!

He did amazing even t hought it was a bit of a struggle to maneuver around. But big sister was there to lend a hand. They were laughing as she was helping him up and collect his balance and the result was one of my favorite sibling images! She really got him to give a great smile!

Okay. I lied. I think THIS might be my favorite. Mike picked out this spot on his own because he really liked the green. It was a fantastic choice!

Thank you, Walls Family, for allowing me the honor of capturing your special moments once again! I loved our time together and hope we get to do it again soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I have someone special to introduce you to today. Please meet the beautiful baby Eleanor. 

This little peanut was so very sweet - and alert! - for most of her newborn session but I loved that it allowed me to capture her in all her adorable phases. I just have a feeling that she is going to be a very relaxed, chill little lady which will serve her well as she has two wonderful big brothers and a doting big sister!

This was the image that stole my heart from our session. She's just complete perfection here.

And a couple images showing off her beautiful bright eyes. Even awake she was so content to lay there and take it all in. She was probably wondering what the crazy lady was doing snapping all these photos of her!

Honestly I can't get enough of her sweet little cheeks and perfect lips. She could easily be the inspiration for a cherub in a Renaissance painting!

Big sister Lorelei was pretty smitten with her, too! 
Thank you so much, Beth + Jacob, for allowing me to capture this special time for your family. It was an honor and I hope I have the pleasure of capturing them as they grow!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Oh this little man. How I adore him! 
You might recognize Mr. Dexter from past sessions as I've been photographing him and his beautiful mamas since he was 6 months old. Now he's a wild and fun TWO! It just doesn't seem possible.

But along with being two comes a bit of a "I don't wanna cooperate and your not going to make me" attitude so we totally went with that and instead of getting photos of just him, we got some beautiful family shots. (And then I caught a photo or two of just him when he wasn't looking ;))

I love this photo and this family! I especially love that Dexter's monsters made it into the shot too!

And he wanted to make sure you knew there was a plane overhead....

And running to one of the best "baby fluffers" I've ever met - his Pops!

And I always love to get a shot of just the parents when I do a family session. These girls are awaiting the arrival of  baby #2 - a GIRL - a bit later this year! So excited for them!

And one more of the sweet boy! His curls and big brown eyes are just to die for!
Thank you again, Fox family, for allowing me to capture your special memories! I'm so looking forward to the new addition and all those wonderful times, too!

Friday, July 1, 2016


Meet Dakota, the handsome, soccer-playing  2016 Shelby County High School GRADUATE!

We did Dakota's session at the end of his senior year and it ended up being just a perfect way to get some current photos ready for his announcements and party! The really fun thing though was that we ended up taking the majority of his images at Buffalo Trace Distillery - the place from which his grandfather retired. I love incorporating special things whenever possible and this special "place" was just a perfect backdrop.

He's such a handsome, photogenic young man. And look how fun it was to incorporate the Buffalo Trace water tower in a shot! 


And of course bourbon barrels....

Thank you so much to Dakota and his awesome parents for letting me capture this special time in his senior year. It was an honor and I wish you so much success and wonderful days ahead!