Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Oh this little man. How I adore him! 
You might recognize Mr. Dexter from past sessions as I've been photographing him and his beautiful mamas since he was 6 months old. Now he's a wild and fun TWO! It just doesn't seem possible.

But along with being two comes a bit of a "I don't wanna cooperate and your not going to make me" attitude so we totally went with that and instead of getting photos of just him, we got some beautiful family shots. (And then I caught a photo or two of just him when he wasn't looking ;))

I love this photo and this family! I especially love that Dexter's monsters made it into the shot too!

And he wanted to make sure you knew there was a plane overhead....

And running to one of the best "baby fluffers" I've ever met - his Pops!

And I always love to get a shot of just the parents when I do a family session. These girls are awaiting the arrival of  baby #2 - a GIRL - a bit later this year! So excited for them!

And one more of the sweet boy! His curls and big brown eyes are just to die for!
Thank you again, Fox family, for allowing me to capture your special memories! I'm so looking forward to the new addition and all those wonderful times, too!

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