Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Meet David!
David is a handsome, state championship winning, cross-country running, JROTC cadet who has a larger than life personality! I have honored to have known this young man (and his family!) for quite a few years as all three of my sons have all run with him at one point or another during the course of his tenure. The cross-country community is one of the most welcome ones we've ever experienced in sports so far and he and his family are just one of the reasons. He is a fabulous mentor and leader and I know that he's going to do even more amazing things his senior year.

And let's add to all that just how photogenic this young man is...

I mean honestly! And he does that serious face so well1


I had a ball with David and his mom Amy that night and they were troopers because truly it was one of the most hot, steamy nights of the year! This creek was welcome, I promise!

You might recall I mentioned his "larger than life" personality? Yep. Here it is! 
These are just the medals he claimed during the past year, including his state medals. As his mom says, "Running is his super power." And that's the truth!

Thank you so much for letting me be a small part of starting your senior year off right, David. I love your images and I hope you do, too!