Sunday, August 21, 2016


This sweet family just makes me so happy! They are all amazing, funny kids and they totally know how to work a camera! I am honored that I get to capture them on a regular basis. So for this session,
 to change it up just a bit, we tried someplace new....and

These columns and the pergola and not to mention the gorgeous kiddos? It was just amazing!

Of course I had to take a few individual shots too. Maggie (on left) has just really grown up this past year. She is losing the little girl and becoming quite the beautiful young lady! Miss Josie (right) is a natural with the camera. She's a bit shier than her sisters but her smile is so amazing!
Mr. Owen is such a cooperative young man and handsome young man. I seriously think we only had to snap a couple of shots before I knew we had a great one! 

These two. They are something else! Miss Maggie is her mama's mini me complete with her curls and electric blue eyes! Her smile has changed since I last photographed her - she lost her first tooth - and she was happy to show it off! And my Mr. Silas. I have been photographing this sweet boy since he was 3 months old - he's now TWO - and he has always given me the very best smiles! He was a little obsessed with this lion statue he was sitting on so we went with it! 
This photo might just be one of my favorite outtakes ever! I just LOVE it! I truly think I couldn't see him if he hid his eyes! 

Thank you, Burke Family, for allowing me to continue to capture your precious memories! I look forward to the next time!

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Meet Deidre.
I've known this young lady and her awesome family for a long time. They mean a lot to us, especially her older brother, David, who was a mentor to my oldest son. They are wonderful people and I was honored they chose me to do her senior portraits. She was just a little girl when we met and I can't believe how grown up and beautiful she is! 

She is also an avid reader and wanted to include books in her session. As a fellow book-lover, I was thrilled! We had a lot of fun playing around with it.
This image is one of my favorites. All books are a little magical, don't you think?


This is another favorite from our session - we had to wait out the rain and it left a bit of a fog in the over the creek, but I think that just makes it look mysterious! 
Thank you, Deidre, and the Wooters family for allowing me to document the start of your senior year! I hope it's an amazing one for you!
God Bless :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Meet David!
David is a handsome, state championship winning, cross-country running, JROTC cadet who has a larger than life personality! I have honored to have known this young man (and his family!) for quite a few years as all three of my sons have all run with him at one point or another during the course of his tenure. The cross-country community is one of the most welcome ones we've ever experienced in sports so far and he and his family are just one of the reasons. He is a fabulous mentor and leader and I know that he's going to do even more amazing things his senior year.

And let's add to all that just how photogenic this young man is...

I mean honestly! And he does that serious face so well1


I had a ball with David and his mom Amy that night and they were troopers because truly it was one of the most hot, steamy nights of the year! This creek was welcome, I promise!

You might recall I mentioned his "larger than life" personality? Yep. Here it is! 
These are just the medals he claimed during the past year, including his state medals. As his mom says, "Running is his super power." And that's the truth!

Thank you so much for letting me be a small part of starting your senior year off right, David. I love your images and I hope you do, too!