Tuesday, January 28, 2020

abby. | bridals. october 2019. | {KELLYGOREEPHOTOGRAPHY} WEDDING photographer. LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY.

Fair warning, friends: I'm probably going to cry typing this because I adore this young lady so much and she has such a place in my heart. 

Abby has been, since her early HS days, my practice model, my guinea pig, my girl always up for doing anything when it came to having her picture taken! And as she started bringing around her amazing boyfriend, who is now her HUSBAND (gasp!), he became my model, too. I photographed each of their senior sessions, their proms, their proposal, their family sessions and even way back when, a mock engagement! 

It was always known that Abby and her Brent would end up together forever, but I never imagined just how special it would be to witness her prepare for their wedding day. In true Abby fashion, she was more than willing to do a "test run" in her bridal gown and allow me the opportunity to take some Bridal portraits for her. And it's fitting that Abby once again was my first as I had never specifically done a Bridal session before. I think we captured the true beauty of Abby, the true beauty of a bride as she anticipates her marriage, and I hope these are as special to her and Brent as they are to me. 

I love you Abby + Brent Kidwell and I always wish you only good things and a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for allowing me to do this for you! <3 

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