Sunday, April 5, 2020


Hey everyone!

Today I have a very special couple to share with you! Meet Kristyn + Tanner, one of my September KGP wedding couples!

Kristyn and her family are special to me and we've had many shared experiences but never one like this! I am so honored that she and Tanner chose me to be their photographer for what is not only going to be their dream wedding, but perhaps THE dream wedding. (Seriously - just you wait!)

For their engagement sessions, we did something a little fun and non-traditional. I know I've mentioned it before, but I love when my couples choose engagement and wedding venues that have a personal connection to them and their story. These two were high school sweethearts and it was only fitting that at least some of their photos were taken there. Shelby County High made a beautifully romantic backdrop with their gorgeous blooming trees, don't you agree?

And that ring! It is so Kristyn - classic, sparkly and PINK!

We followed up with a few shots on their high school bleachers wearing their varsity jackets and I about died! I couldn't love it more!

And we finished up with a little tour of their wedding venue and a small preview of what their day in September will bring! 

I can't wait to share your special day with you both!


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